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Cataloguing Juvenile materials


(This procedure is not for special collection materials.)

Background: After Education Resource Centre was merged into YUL, new call number systems, location codes and item types were introduced into cataloguing workflow for Juvenile materials. 

This cataloguing workflow only applies to general stock materials, not for special collections. 

1. Before cataloguing, please check library catalogue to see how similar items have been classified (same or similar author name) and follow the existing practice. 

2. Target of audience 

  • j - Juvenile 

3. Call number 

  • Juvenile fiction
    • Chapter books (mostly text): FIC
    • Easy readers (mostly pictures): E 

Call numbers are composed of Cutter-Sanborn number and the first two letters in title. Use 090 field for Cutter-Sanborn numbers. 

------------ Example: 090  ## FIC C235ED (A chapter book written by Haiyun Cao titled “Education juvenile materials”) -----------

  • Juvenile non-fiction (Juvenile curricular resources): In MARC field 082, add Dewey decimal classification number, a space, and the first three letters in author’s last name or title if no author. 

------------ Example: 082 14  497.1 POC  -----------

For semi-original cataloguing:  Add Dewey Decimal classification number to Juvenile non-fiction if there is an LC Subject heading (LCSH) or an LC Classification Number (LCC) in the record.  Use the Bibliographic Correlations function in LC Classweb to create the Dewey Decimal classification number.  If there is not LCSH or LCC in the record, send to original cataloguing.

4. Subject headings 

For original cataloguing, add LCSH, LC Children’s subject headings and genre headings. 

For copy cataloguing, leave the existing subject headings and add the following genre headings in 655

Fiction: Juvenile fiction 

------------ Example: 655 #7 $$a Juvenile fiction $$2 lcgft ------------

Non-fiction: Juvenile literature 

------------ Example: 655 #7 $$a Juvenile literature $$2 lcgft ------------

5. Holding record, 852 field

  • Juvenile fiction: first indicator: 8 (for other classification scheme)

----------- Example: 852 8# $$b SCOTT $$c SCOTT-JUV $$h FIC C235ED------------

  • Juvenile non-fiction: first indicator: 1 (for Dewey Decimal classification) 

----------- Example: 852 1# $$b SCOTT $$c SCOTT-JUV $$h 497.1 POC  ------------

For further information about holding record, pls refer to LC MARC 21 Format for Holdings

6. Item record 

  • Juvenile fiction
    • Item call number type: Other scheme.
    • Item policy: Juvenile Book Fiction
  • Juvenile non-fiction
    • Item call number type: Dewey Decimal classification
    • Item policy: Juvenile Curricular Resources