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Academic Research & Resource Guides

Resource Guides

  • Finding Book Reviews
    Finding a book review is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack. This guide provides you with a list of the most important sources within most of the major disciplines.
  • Career Research Resources
    This guide will help you with research and preparatory work when conducting a job search. This includes up-to-date information on industries, occupations, companies and jobs available on the free web, as well as online and print resources available through the Career Centre and York University Libraries. The guide also contains tips and techniques for strengthening your resume and cover letter and for creating more compelling answers to interview questions.
  • Cited Reference Searching
    Cited reference searching can tell you who has cited (referred to) previously published works. This page will give you an overview of the major tools and search methods.
  • Find it @ York
    Find it @ York is a tool that will speed up your research process and increase its effectiveness by allowing you to connect more quickly to full-text when it is available.
  • Citing Your Work
    Proper citation is important for all scholarly work. Style guides, or style manuals, provide detailed information about how to use a particular citation style for various media formats. This guide will take you to selections of citation style guides. The electronic guides do not include all the rules and formats of the citation style; the printed style guides have more rules and examples.
  • PsycINFO Guide
    This guide introduces you to basic search techniques for PsycINFO and then covers more advanced search features that allow you to become more systematic in your searching. Finally, it will explain how to interpret the records you find and provide some advice on how to access full-text to various types of sources.
  • Psychological Tests
    If you are doing research in an area like psychology, education or business management you may have to use psychological tests (also knows as mental measures). This tutorial guides you through the process of researching and finding tests at York and beyond.

Research Guides

  • Geospatial data
    This guide will introduce you to geospatial data and Geographic Information System software. This guide provides information on how to successfully select, obtain and use geospatial data and GIS software for your research and assignments.
  • Newspapers
    Newspaper articles can be a good source of up-to-date information on virtually any topic. Learn how to track down Canadian and International newspaper articles.
  • Plays
    Plays are published in a variety of ways: individually, in anthologies/collections of one or more author’s plays, or in periodicals. Some plays may not have been published. Use this guide to help you find them.
  • Primary Sources
    This guide will explain what primary sources are and provide various tools and techniques for finding primary sources (such as autobiographies, letters, photographs and audio-visual materials).