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Open Access Author Fund

York University Libraries (YUL) supported an Open Access Author Fund from 2013 to 2023. The fund covered a limited number of article processing charges (APC) for York researchers, approximately 20 journal articles a year. 

Getting Help

  • Please email if you have questions about these changes or would like more information on our open access publishing discounts. 

Restructuring of the Open Access Author Fund in 2024 

To more equitably support Open Access publishing across all faculties, YUL has restructured their Open Access APC support model and will now focus solely on consortial and institution-level APC discount agreements with publishers. These agreements provide broader APC discounts to York researchers. For example:  

  • The Libraries’ APC discounts, supported through our Canadian Research Knowledge Network membership fees, covered 100% of the APC for 162 York-affiliated research articles in 2023 and allowed our researchers to save $549,061.90 USD. 
  • The Libraries’ memberships in open access publishing organizations such as the Public Knowledge Project and Open Book Publishers supports the development of open access infrastructure and the publishing of open access books. 

How can York researchers access open access publishing discounts? 

York researchers are encouraged to review the Libraries’ webpage on Investments in Open Access Publishing to learn about our current article processing charge (APC) discounts. This webpage highlights: 

  • Our APC discounts with specific publishers, including information on the discount amounts (ranges from 15% to 100% of the APC).  
  • Information on how to apply for the APC discounts when publishing articles with certain publishers. 
  • Additional memberships YUL maintains to support open access publishing of articles, books, and other research outputs.