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York University Dataverse Collections Policy

Submitting to Dataverse

The York University Dataverse supports the discoverability and accessibility of York-authored research data through the provision of a viable and supported general institutional data repository that can appropriately display, describe, and preserve York-authored research data and associated documentation. The York University Dataverse will accept datasets and research data that have been created or co-created by York University faculty, graduate students, postdocs, staff, librarians, and affiliated researchers and research groups. Faculty-sponsored deposits of datasets created or used by undergraduate students may be permitted and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Dataverse accepts a wide range of data types and formats including:

  • Tabular (e.g. spss, sas, csv, xls/xlsx)
  • Text (e.g. txt, docx)
  • Images (e.g. png, jpg, tiff)
  • Geospatial (e.g. shp, gml)
  • Audiovisual (e.g. mp3, mp4)
  • Code (e.g. python, R, spss, stata, sas)

The York University Dataverse accepts finalized datasets that are ready for publication and sharing and is not an appropriate venue for storing working data or confidential data. Datasets must be deposited for open, public access, which means that anyone may download and reuse all or part of a Dataset in accordance with the license indicated by the Depositor. Researchers depositing finalized datasets intended for publication are strongly encouraged to include documentation of their data, data collection, data analysis and/or associated code/software (i.e., ReadMe file, data dictionary, codebook, etc.).

Confidential and sensitive data

The York University Dataverse does not accept content that contains confidential or sensitive information, and it is primarily a platform for publishing and sharing datasets. It is not appropriate for the storage of highly sensitive or confidential data. Datasets must not contain information that could directly or indirectly identify a subject, except where the release of such identifying information has no potential for constituting an unwarranted invasion of privacy and/or breach of confidentiality. Data owners and depositors are solely responsible for confirming their rights to deposit and publish data. If a submission contains material from a copyright-protected source, depositors must document that they have obtained the necessary permissions from copyright owners and that third-party owned material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the content of their submission.

Managing Dataverse collections

Data submissions to the York University Dataverse are managed within sub-collections that act as containers for datasets and their associated materials (documentation, code, etc.). Sub-collections can be established by the Libraries on behalf of individual researchers, research groups, and departments. Dataverse user accounts can be granted roles that define which actions they are allowed to take on specific Dataverse collections, datasets, and/or files. Each role comes with a set of permissions, which define the specific actions that users may take. Library Dataverse collection policies and the Borealis Terms of Use apply to all collections that have been established under our membership agreement. This includes all research data collections that are listed on the main York University Dataverse Repository page here: The Libraries retain the right to act as administrators of all sub collections within the York University Dataverse.

For more information on the York University Dataverse terms of use, please consult our full York University Dataverse Collections Policy

For more information on how to deposit your data with the York University Dataverse, please consult our Deposit Guidelines or our deposit submission guide.