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York University Libraries (YUL) Advancing SDG 1

No Poverty

1: No poverty

End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

Eradicating poverty is not a task of charity, it's an act of justice and the key to unlocking an enormous human potential. Still, nearly half of the world’s population lives in poverty, and lack of food and clean water is killing thousands every single day of the year. Goal 1 is all about mobilizing policies to end poverty, ensure equal rights to resources, and building resilience of the poor from all kinds of disasters.


Part of York University's Las Nubes Project, YUL's La Casita Azul library is an education and learning resource centre that supports York’s increasing socio-environmental research, education and community outreach within Costa Rica. Situated in the midst of the local communities in Costa Rica, La Casita Azul supports and enhances York’s Eco-Campus in Costa Rica while playing an important role in research intensification, knowledge mobilization, community engagement, citizen science, research dissemination, engagement and outreach while offering access to the online and print resources and educational programs.


La Casita Azul, as part of the Las Nubes Project, creates capacity for the local communities to access basic technology and information services, such as computers, software, and internet. La Casita Azul’s involvement in the delivery of programs and workshops increases the community's access to knowledge and opportunities to improve their circumstances, such as the ability to develop new skills and apply for a job.

Within the larger Las Nubes Project, La Casita Azul partners with local educational institutions and local experts (i.e. INA) to expand the delivery of certified courses in organic and sustainable agriculture, horticulture and computer use. To date, more than 400 participants have participated in approximately 20 of these courses.

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