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Payment: Self-service photocopiers are located in each of the libraries. The cost per photocopy is 10 cents. Payment for copies may be made using your YU-Card. A select few copiers are also equipped to take coins. If you are a non-York member or visitor to the campus and do not have a YU-card, you may purchase a Guest Card from the new YU-card account station locations.
Copyright: When photocopying (or printing) please ensure you:

  • comply with York University's Fair Dealing Guidelines; or
  • obtain specific permission or another license from the copyright owner to copy or post published material

For more information on copyright at York, please refer to:

Assistance: Direct line phones are located in the Scott Library on each floor near the photocopiers to report equipment breakdowns. Assistance with copying/printing of  microform is available at Scott Microtext, Bronfman and Frost Library.