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NOTICE: Scott Library Elevator Refurbishment has been extended until further notice.

NOTICE: Scott Library Elevator Refurbishment has been extended until further notice.

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the student experience in our spaces, York Facilities is proceeding with the refurbishment of the elevator in Scott Library. The refurbishment is has been extended until further notice. We apologize for this inconvenience.

This project will ensure years more of functional life for our elevator, so our upper floors remain accessible to our patrons and employees. While the elevator is out of service, the escalators and stairs are available. Despite this, we recognize some Community Members may experience a level of disruption

Contingency Plans and Other Supports:

Circulation/ Book Retrieval  

Patrons with mobility issues who require assistance are encouraged to place requests in Omni for Scott Library items. Staff will retrieve these items and patrons can choose to pick them up at any of the York libraries or book lockers. For enquires or assistance in retrieving items or placing requests in Omni, please speak to staff at the Scott service desk, use our chat service or email

Books returned during the elevator closure period will be shelved in the Microtext Room and overspill on book carts in the halls outside the Microtext room, the Map Library and the Sound and Moving Image Library. If you can’t find a book in its regular location, please check the Microtext room and the book carts. If you still cannot locate the book, please ask at the Scott service desk for assistance.    

Learning Commons  

Some patrons with mobility issues may not be able to reach the Learning Commons on the 2nd floor of Scott Library. If you require the assistance of a Learning Commons instructor during scheduled Learning Commons hours, please ask at the Scott service desk. Staff will arrange for the instructor to meet you at a desk at the Scott service counter on the main floor. The Learning Commons partners also offer in-office and virtual service hours – see the website for more information.

Media Creation Lab 
Archives & Special Collections 
Classrooms 530/531

Some patrons with mobility issues may not be able to reach these spaces.  

Graduate Reading Room

Graduate students unable to use escalators or stairs are encouraged to book individual study spaces in the Adaptive Lab through Student Accessibility Services (   


Anyone with questions or concerns not addressed in these specific plans noted above are welcome to contact the Libraries Facilities Hotline at (416) 712-2703 for further guidance.  

Scott Library has a single elevator for users that is original to the construction of the building in 1971. The refurbished elevator will have enhanced reliability and functionality as well as updates to better meet AODA standards. The elevator refurbishment project aligns with YUL Strategic Plan Priority 6 Living Well Together/YUL Belong Here and supports the Libraries’ commitment to operationalizing an EDIB strategy.   

We thank you for your patience and look forward to the new year and a new elevator.