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Material relating to the proposals drafted by governmental review boards and committees pertaining to the production, distribution and exhibition of film, video, and television (broadcasting) in Canada. Documents pertaining to the ongoing debate and policy formation of moving images as an industry and as an art form and/or form of cultural expression are included. Documents are cross-listed with other relevant categories: Academia/Criticism; Broadcasting; Distribution/Exhibition; Funding/Grants; Production.

Fonds #

Fonds/Collection Name

F0096 John N. Smith fonds
F0101 Harry Boyle fonds
F0110 Larry Zolf fonds
F0111 Allan T. R. Powell fonds
F0149 David Walker fonds
F0183 Nat Taylor fonds
F0254 Louis Applebaum fonds
F0289 Committee for an Independent Canada fonds
F0359 Mavor Moore fonds
F0370 Bernard Ostry fonds
F0388 Harry Rasky fonds
F0639 Brian Freeman fonds