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Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections > Travel / Aventure

Travel / Aventure


Women’s experiences of travel and the recording of those experiences; including diaries, art, personal correspondence and autobiographies. Often cross-listed with Life Writing.

Fonds # Fonds/Collection Name
F0099 Beveridge family fonds
F0107 Martin family fonds
F0171 Nancy Pocock fonds
F0181 Federation of Women Teachers’ Associations of Ontario (FWTAO) fonds
F0203 Linda McQuaig fonds
F0205 Mira Friedlander fonds
F0341 Margaret Laurence fonds
F0433 Toronto Telegram fonds
F0443 Lady Victoria Alexandrina Maria Louisa Welby fonds
F0445 Joyce Wieland fonds
F0447 Adele Wiseman fonds
F0498 Karen Connelly fonds
F0499 Heidi Sander fonds
F0633 Anna-Liisa Lumiala fonds