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Introduction 1955-1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 and beyond - Bibliography

Primary Sources

Archival papers:

York University (Toronto, Ont.) Office of the President. Fonds 0073. Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections
Presidents' papers. The materials examined for the period 1959 - 1970 included letters, minutes, press releases, pamphlets, invitations, ceremonial programmes, newspaper clippings, various reports and manuscripts written by President Murray G. Ross.


Minutes, York University Board of Governors, Office of the Secretariat

1959 -

The early years of the Chronology rely heavily upon the Board of Governors Minutes.

Minutes, York University Senate, Office of the Secretariat

1960 -

York University Administrative Publications:

York University Gazette. Toronto, Ont.: Department of Information and Development, York University, 1962 - 1970? York University Archives

This publication from 1962 through 197O changed in its frequency (number of issues per year,) its numbering and its purpose. In the early years the York University Gazette summarized the actions and decisions taken by the Senate, the Board of Governors, and the Faculty of Arts and Science Council. Later, the Gazette concentrated on the Board and the Senate only. It gave meeting schedules, notices of special events, special awards, lists of faculty publications and public speaking commitments. By 1970 the York Gazette had become a two-page newsletter.

Annual Reports:

Reports to the President 1968 - 1969. (Toronto, Ont.): York University, (1969?)

Ross, Murray G. These five years ... 1960 - 1965: The President's Report. (Toronto, Ont.): York University, July 1965.

Ross, Murray G. President's Report 1965 - 1966. (Toronto, Ont.): York University, (July 1966?)

Ross, Murray G. The President's Report 1966 - 1967. (Toronto, Ont.): Department of Information and Development, York University, (July 1967?)

Ross, Murray G. Report of the President 1967 - 1968/ York University. (Toronto, Ont.): Department of Information and Development, York University, (July 1968?)

Ross, Murray G. Those Ten years: 1960 - 1970 The President's Report on the First Decade of York University. (Toronto, Ont.): (Department of Information and Development, York University, May 1970.


Excalibur, York University student newspaper, York University Archives


Globe and Mail, "York University" clippings file, pp. 1 - 31, Globe and Mail Library

1958 - 1970

A photocopy of the clippings file of Toronto newspapers' articles about York University. ( Globe and Mail articles are predominant. )

Pro-Tem, Glendon College student newspaper, York University Archives


York University CommuniquJ. Toronto, Ont.: Department of Information and Development, York University, 1967 - May 1970? York University Archives

The Department of Information and Development sent this publication to York Alumni and friends of the University. Full of photographs, the CommuniquJ provides a public relations version of University-wide developments.

York University Calendars:

York University Affiliated with the University of Toronto Calendar: 1960 - 1961 first academic year. (Toronto, Ont.): 1960. York University Archives

1960 -

The York University Archives and Special Collections has York Calendars from 1960 - present. The Archives also has all the Faculty Calendars that have been published by the University.

York University Student Handbooks and Yearbooks:

Manus. Toronto, Ont.: Communications Commission of the York Student Federation, 1968-1969 - ? York University Archives

This York student handbook gives an overview of the University from a student's perspective. The Chronology used issues 1968-1969, 1969 - 1970 and the Silver Anniversary Issue, 1985- 1986.

Janus. Toronto, Ont,: York Yearbook Society, 1964 -1966. York University Archives

Century II. Toronto, Ont.: York Yearbook Society, 1967 -1968. York University Archives



Bissell, Claude. Halfway up Parnassus: a personal account of the University of Toronto. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1974.

Craig, Barbara L. and Peter D. James. A Guide to the Fonds D'Archives and Collections in the Holding of the York University Archives. Toronto, ECW Press, c.1995.

Ross, Murray G. The New University. Toronto, Ont.: University of Toronto Press, c.1961.

Ross, Murray G. The Way Must Be Tried: memoirs of a university man. Toronto, Canada: Stoddart, 1992.

Smyth, D. McCormack. The Founding of York University: an Overview of Some of the Early Efforts Which Led to the Establishment of a New University in Metropolitan Toronto in the Mid-20th Century. Typescript of a 26 page text, c. D. McCormack Smyth, 11 May 1981, ( available in the York University Library.)

Periodical Articles:

Axelrod, Paul. "Businessmen and the Building of Canadian Universities: a Case Study." Canadian Historical Review, LXIII (2), 1982 : 202- 222.

Hillman, Serrell and Robert Collins. "How York Faces Love, Life and the Real World." Toronto Life, October 1970, 37 - 43, 70.

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Smyth, D. McCormack "The Founding of York University," yorkgazette (1985? Reprint, 8 p.) (Originally appeared in the York Gazette, Vol. 11, no, 34, 35, 36, 1981)

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Introduction 1955-1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 and beyond - Bibliography