Library Support for 601 Groups

The Peter F. Bronfman Business Library supports  601 groups with locating secondary research for Phase 1 of their 601 projects in the following ways:

Part 1: Find a 601 Site

Consult our PDF resource on Creating a list of companies in a specific industry with Hoovers.

  • This resource shows you how to create a list of companies operating in a specific industry and geographic location.
  • Use this list for cold calling potential 601 sites.

Part 2: Complete the Getting Started with 601 Research template

Download a copy of the Getting Started with 601 Research template.

  • This research template provides a list of key databases to consult when your group is looking for secondary resources on company, industry, market, and finance research topics for your 601 projects.

Part 3: Bronfman Library 601 Research workshop & video modules

Sign-up for the Bronfman Library’s live Zoom workshop:

  • Thursday, February 4th, 2021: 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm EDT (Register Now!)

If this time slot does not work for you, please fill out the registration form and select the second option to receive a copy of the slides and the Zoom recording 2-3 business days after the workshop takes place.

Students may also find it useful to consult the following video modules: