When a donor decides to donate their archival records to York University Archives and Special Collections, a deed of gift transferring ownership to York and specifying a term governing access and use of the donated material is completed. At the end of each calendar year, we arrange for the evaluation of private archives donated to us over the course of the year. Private archival collections, if donated as a gift-in-kind to York University Archives and Special Collections, may be eligible for a tax receipt issued through York’s Office of Advancement.

The kinds of records that we are interested in acquiring include personal correspondence, diaries, research files, manuscript drafts, speech notes, photographs and any other material which would help researchers in further understanding the context in which the records were created. Because some records may be of a personal nature, we can place access restrictions on those records you would like to keep closed for a specified period of time. The completeness, condition and comprehensiveness of your archival records are qualities which may contribute not only to its archival value but also to its monetary value.

If you are interested in donating material to York University Archives and Special Collections, please contact us.