Human Rights

Human Rights

Material relevant to Human Rights and Civil Liberties movements, including the United Nations, Amnesty International, OPIRG (the Ontario Public Interest Research Group), and Prisoners’ Rights groups.

(For Refugees’ and Immigrants’ Rights, please refer to the Anti-Racism subject classification. For Indigenous People’s Rights, please refer to the Indigenous Peoples subject classification.)

Fonds #

Fonds/Collection Name

F0003 Council of York Student Federation (CYSF) fonds
F0014 Osgoode Hall Law School fonds
F0059 York University – Faculty of Fine Arts fonds
F0135 Margaret Beare fonds
F0164 Leo Panitch fonds
F0171 Nancy Pocock fonds
F0195 John Kastner fonds
F0200 Alan Clarke fonds
F0208 Clayton Ruby fonds
F0251 Ellen C. Adams fonds
F0255 Harry W. Arthurs fonds
F0261 John Montgomery Barber fonds
F0349 W. Edward Mann fonds
F0353 Edgar Wardwell McInnis fonds
F0370 Bernard Abraham Ostry fonds
F0387 Charles Bothwell Pyper fonds
F0444 Sam and Manya Lipshitz fonds
F0510 Aubrey Golden fonds
F0513 Childbirth by Choice Trust
F0514 Marilou McPhedran fonds
F0556 Theresa Burke fonds
F0568 William Wicken fonds