York University Chronology : 1955 – 1994

The York University Chronology is maintained, revised, and re-issued periodically by York University Archives and Special Collections. In November 1998, in anticipation of York’s 40 th Anniversary celebrations, the Office of the President commissioned a revision of the Chronology for the years 1955-1970 and we are grateful to Alison Girling for her thorough research of York’s foundation years, the results of which are represented in this revision. Users of the chronology are encouraged to contact the University Archives when they wish to add or amend entries. We also encourage regular users of the chronology to advise us on ways to enhance its use.

Introduction  1955-1958  1959  1960  1961  1962  1963  1964  1965  1966  1967  1968  1969  1970  1971 and beyond  –  Bibliography